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Cat can’t put his tongue away after he was attacked by a pitbull as a kitten

Adorable Zimes has a unique face.

The cute little black cat’s tongue pokes out of his mouth – and he can’t put it back in.

It gives him an adorable, cheeky expression – but Zimes’s unusual face is actually the result of a brutal attack by a pitbull that happened when he was only a month old.

‘The girl who rescued him rescues animals in need all the time, and she got a call about a guy who releases his pitbull dogs to kill stray cats, for fun,’ says Zimes’s owner Margot Tamar Riemer.

‘She went there and said it was a massacre, there were cats dead with missing limbs, many injured and many did not make it as well. My Zimes was one of them,’ she explains.

‘When I think about this story, it makes me cry because I cannot understand how someone can be so cruel. It is pure evil to do something like this.

‘Zimes made it, and I am so grateful that he did. I have no idea if they caught the guy with the pitbull or not, but I hope they did. He deserves to be in prison.’

Zimes survived the attack, but he lost half of his lower jaw, which is why his tongue hangs out like that.

When Margot, who is from Israel, first got Zimes when he was three months old, he was still injured from the attack, but his mouth looked normal. It was only after a month or two that Margot noticed that his tongue was starting to poke out.

‘I felt like he was still adorable and the only thing I wanted was to protect him,’ she says. ‘I adopt cats with special needs, it’s what I love doing.’